We want to thoroughly scout the Azerbaijani market

We want to thoroughly scout the Azerbaijani market

21 October 2023 0000

Alexander Karaulshchuk, International Sales Manager, DKT

I represent DKT, a company specialized in the development of road systems, which operates in Germany and the Czech Republic. We actually planned to take part in Road&Traffic but failed due to the lack of time. We believe Azerbaijan is developing rapidly and thereby is among most promising regions.

I came here on behalf of my company to see the exhibition with my own eyes. We want to scout the Azerbaijani market, meet industry representatives, find partners, and explore potential competitors. It is therefore critical to talk with companies that have competency and experience and know the inner workings of the local market.

Apart from Road&Traffic, my attention was drawn to the section dedicated to the restoration of Karabakh. I am quite impressed with how dynamic and efficient this process is.

Of course, we are doing our best to be up to speed; but media info alone is not enough, you must come and assess the situation on the spot. I believe this is a promising region and we may consider involvement in projects across Karabakh.

I had a very good impression of the event; it goes without saying that such exhibitions are extremely useful. For they promote exchange of experience with specialists in the field. Besides, here you can always meet representatives of various companies and get abreast with innovations.