Unique monitoring systems, radars and variable message signs

Unique monitoring systems, radars and variable message signs

12 june 2018 0000

Mehrnaz Kashef, Deputy Implementation and Support at Paya Tadbir Pakan

- The Iranian company Paya Tadbir Pakan presents its unique latest developments at this exhibition. For example, a unique system for monitoring traffic on roads with coverage of up to 7 km; its unique feature is that the camera is housed in a special casing at a height of up to 20 meters, for a better view and equipped with a lifting mechanism (lowering system) on the cable for maintenance. In traditional systems of this kind, a crane with an arrow of 20 m needs to be used to service the camera, but our system itself releases the camera to the operator, which is extremely convenient and saves resources. Within two to three months, these systems are planned to be installed on roads in Tehran.

Another novelty is a camera for fixing speed violations on the roads (radar). In a second she is able to fix the numbers of 100 cars while driving. And, finally, we present luminous VMS for roads, which is designed to display various messages.

We will be happy to hold meetings with interested visitors and representatives of companies that are involved in new developments and deal with the installation of cameras and other technical equipment, as well as transport companies.