Topical products for geo-engineering

Topical products for geo-engineering

13 june 2018 0000

Irina Kozina, Export Manager at Pietrucha

- At this year’s exhibition, Pietrucha (Poland) presents new geo-engineering products geo-grid and geo-net. Geo-grid is used for the reinforcement and stabilisation of soil or to separate two different soils, while geo-net made of propylene is designed to strengthen the road or asphalt pavements, so that the surface stays intact and becomes more durable.

Our company would like to expand its presence in the Azerbaijani market; we expect to acquire new customers and partners with whom we could establish effective co-operation. We invite to our stand representatives of companies engaged in the construction of roads, ports, piers, wharves and other infrastructure, as well as companies engaged in environmental protection. The exhibition is very interesting and its target direction I quite clear. There are many interested visitors, but of course, I wish that the exhibition further expands to become more ambitious.