The geocomposites for asphalt reinforcement

The geocomposites for asphalt reinforcement

11 june 2018 0000

Aleksey Petukhov, Deputy Commercial Director at MACHINA-TST Techtextiles

- At the Road & Traffic 2018 exhibition, MACHINA-TST Techtextiles will be presenting Intertex, a new geocomposites for asphalt reinforcement. This product will be of great interest to representatives of construction and road building organisations, as well as scientific institutes and design organisations, including heads of wholesale organisations; we will be happy to see them at our stand.

Intertex consists of a specific non-woven needle-punched geosynthetic material reinforced with a geogrid of basalt or glass roving. The main functions of the Intertex geocomposite: the barrier protects against penetration of water and oxygen into the lower layers of asphalt concrete; stress relief - a uniform distribution of stresses caused by cracks in the underlying layer of the old covering during the passage of transport (non-woven geosynthetic material serves as a membrane that absorbs and distributes forces arising in the region of the crack); Strengthening of pavement (reinforcement) increases the strength characteristics of the asphalt-concrete coating by reinforcing the geogrid.

The new material has undergone laboratory tests at the Belarusian Road Research Institute (BeldorNII). The results confirmed the positive experience of foreign colleagues in the application of such technological solutions. It is established that Intertex geocomposite increases the number of cycles before formation of reflected cracks by 2.3 times, slows the process of rutting by 2.9 times, increases the hardness of asphalt-concrete coating by 1.4 times. The material is completely suitable for processing by standard methods (it does not complicate the process of milling the coating, nor does it degrade the properties of the asphalt-granulate obtained).

Intertex geocomposite will be available in widths up to 5 m with strength characteristics 50/50 kN / m and 100/100 kN / m and a cell from 25 to 40 mm. However, we are capable of tailor-made manufacturing of this product with other parameters. Elongation at rupture of the material is no more than 3%. Especially for the production of the Intertex geocomposite, a draft of the reeling unit has been developed to allow you to lay the material qualitatively at a high speed.