The exhibition impressed with a lot of interesting ideas and proposals!

The exhibition impressed with a lot of interesting ideas and proposals!

4 June 2022 0000









Movsum Rajabov, Deputy Head of the Construction Department of the Baku Metro


- I got information about the exhibition in Baku from TV advertisements. I decided to visit it to learn more about the latest news in our industry. As can be seen from my position, we are doing construction work underground. This is a very complicated work that requires a constant search for new technologies, materials and equipment in order to facilitate our work, make it more efficient and safe.

The exhibition "Road Infrastructure and Public Transport" impressed with a lot of interesting ideas and proposals. For me, most interesting were tools with the instruments that indicate the force of compression, and  easy-to-use wrenches with interchangeable heads from Turkish manufacturers.

I was also interested in the technology of Italian company related to the underground supply of concrete in the construction of tunnels. This technology makes it possible to distribute concrete in various directions with the help of composite materials in difficult relief conditions, without the use of manual labour. We do not currently have such tools and technologies, and I think that we will consider possible options for their use in our production.

I would like to note an important feature of exhibitions where negotiations between the companies are carried out as a dialogue between specialists. I understand what they offer, and they understand what I need. Mutual understanding is formed, which in the future most often ensures integration and the basis for cooperation.

Humanity is constantly evolving, technologies are improving. It is not always possible to keep up with innovations through the media or the Internet. Therefore, the exhibition is exactly the place where innovations and pilot projects can be studied, and the possibilities of their application and early implementation can be discussed.