Road safety for everyone!

Road safety for everyone!

1 June 2022 0000

Bahadir Abdunabiyev, Sales Manager of VITRONIC MACHINE VISION MIDDLE EAST LLC

Our production facilities are located in the German city of Wiesbaden. We manufacture equipment for speed measuring, inspection and quality control in the automotive and logistics sectors.

Vitronic company for a long time has been a member of the German Road Safety Council (DVR). Our efforts are focused on ensuring road safety for all. The speed control systems we deploy around the world play a vital role in road safety.

This is our first participation at the Road&Traffic exhibition. At the company's stand we exhibit the automatic device of the laser system. Many still use the radar system, however laser one is more advanced, and can cover more than 8 lanes, as well as recognise the type of car and state registration numbers. The system monitors violations of traffic rules without the presence of an operator and works 24/7. Even if the car is with tinted windows, and moves at a speed of over 150 km / hour, the device allows you recognising whether the seat belt is fastened, whether the driver uses the phone.

Our goal is to help Azerbaijan with solving the problems on the roads, so we strive to find new partners and work with private entrepreneurs. I welcome such exhibitions and live communication of specialists at the stands.