Presenting ERP and PLM systems to our visitors

Presenting ERP and PLM systems to our visitors

19 October 2023 0000

Shahla Akhundova, Founder of ERP SYSTEMS

Our company is an official partner of Siemens PLM software. We represent ERP and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems. These are platforms that can be used in all industrial sectors such as space, defense, medical, and construction.

Even a small component of an airplane or a satellite project can be developed on our platform. This platform enables training and development of professional skills in the field of engineering. ERP SYSTEMS, on the other hand, also helps enterprises to automate and manage core business processes for optimum productivity.

Our services are generally focused on the industrial sector. In addition, we offer a variety of equipment. For example, a drone that is used in agriculture to irrigate fields and is also capable of finding mines.

One of the main goals of the company at the Road&Traffic exhibition is to attract students and management of local specialists in this field.

Among the visitors, there are a lot of people interested in our products. We have already talked to representatives of many large companies. This is a good opportunity for us to meet new partners and inform them about our activities.