Kalyon Inşaat - global brand with hundreds of projects and large investments

Kalyon Inşaat - global brand with hundreds of projects and large investments

20 October 2023 0000
ALPER SHENAY, head of technical control (Kalite control şefi) KALYON RSY İNŞAAT ADI ORTAKLIĞI

In 1974, brothers Hasan Kalyonju and Jemal Kalyonju founded Kalyon Inşaat. This company has quickly grown to be an internationally recognised brand with hundreds of global initiatives and significant investments made for benefit of society.

With over 35,000 workers throughout the construction, investment business, real estate, energy, and industrial sectors, as well as nearly 80 years of experience, Kalyon Inşaat is steadily growing into one of the most significant enterprises in the Türkiye economy.

Kalyon Holding substantially investing in social benefits, stands out for its contributions to society, particularly in the fields of education, environment, culture, and the arts. This is in addition to its rapid growth and operational success.

As part of its approach to sustainable development, the Galleon holding implements various projects in the field of ecology, sociology, technology, and innovation. Kalyon Holding is consistently adding value to society and the nation while formulating long-term strategies for Türkiye’s future prosperity.

Furthermore, we have been working on multiple projects in Azerbaijan since 2021. The Ahmedbeyli-Goradiz-Minjivan-Agband highway is one of our projects. The Agdam-Fuzuli highway project and the Horadiz-Minjivan-Agband railway project are also being carried out by our company.