Innovative transport and infrastructure complexes in the overpass design

Innovative transport and infrastructure complexes in the overpass design

27 May 2022 0000

Anatoly Yunitskiy, General Designer and Founder of Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is an international engineering company that designs, builds and maintains innovative elevated transportation complexes in a trestle design - YUST.

YUST complexes are based on the patented string rail technology and require minimal allotment of land for construction. They are easily adapted to perform any logistics tasks in the field of urban and intercity transportation of passengers, as well as cargo at speeds up to 150 km/h.

YUST complexes are characterised by high efficiency, safety, reliability and durability. They have more favorable construction costs and minimal operating costs compared to other types of overpass transport (LRT, monorail, light rail, cable cars, overhead railway), as well as underground railway. YUST urban complexes can carry from 1 to 50 thousand passengers per hour. Freight - from 1 to 100 million tons per year.

YUST complexes operate on the cleanest type of fuel - electricity. At the same time, the energy consumption of u-cars is several times lower than that of traditional modes of transport. This is a fundamental point, since the production of electricity is often associated with harmful emissions.

YUST transport and infrastructure complexes also have other advantages. It is easier to integrate them into an already formed city than to lay a subway or a highway. The elevated nature and ultra-light track structure allow the string track to be laid as quickly as possible. There are no crossroads, contraflow lanes and pedestrian crossings on it - traffic jams and accidents, collisions with pedestrians and animals are completely excluded. Thanks to this, the safety and speed of u-cars are significantly improved. Such track structures can be placed next to residential buildings: practically silent transport will not disturb residents.

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. offers transport and infrastructure solutions in the following areas: international, urban and suburban transportation, transit in places with difficult terrain, as well as automated cargo transportation.

By visiting our booth at the Road&Traffic 2022 exhibition, you will be able to see for yourself both the listed and other advantages of the YUST transport and infrastructure solutions offered by our company, which have the widest range of applications and allow you optimising transport logistics, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety, as well as significant economic benefits.