Improved model of Isuzu Citibus 2019

Improved model of Isuzu Citibus 2019

12 June 2019 0000

Rufat Zeynalov, Director of Azavtobus LLC

- One of the regular participants of the transport exhibition, the company Azavtobus, this year presents an innovation which is an improved model of the 2018 Isuzu Citibus bus. Its previous modifications have already been successfully operated on urban routes since 2013 and are well known to residents of the capital.

The new model meets the requirements set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan. The bus conforms to Euro-5 environmental standards and is equipped with eight tracking cameras, while being adapted for use by people with disabilities (equipped with ramps); there is a wireless Internet system Wi-Fi, a microphone system, etc. on board.

The priority for us is the presentation of the new bus to the Baku Transport Agency (BNA), as well as companies engaged in passenger transportation. We hope that the advantages of the innovation will attract the attention of professionals, and we will be able to conclude contracts for its implementation.

We are waiting for all those who are interested in transport: both professionals and ordinary users, whose opinion is of particular importance for analytics at our stand.

The exhibition plays a major role in the development of the industry, allowing exhibitors to demonstrate various innovations and to interact with each other and end-users. We have been participating in these exhibitions for eight years, each time with satisfaction noting the genuine interest in our exposition.