I really liked the organization of the exhibition!

I really liked the organization of the exhibition!

2 june 2022 0000

Dmitry Kopytov, Senior Sales and Operations Manager, CJ ICM Italia

Our company is a leading global provider of logistics services with a proven track record and wide infrastructure. I came to the exhibition in order to find contractors who could carry out transportations from Italy to Azerbaijan or from other European countries to Azerbaijan. Our company is also a major service provider for Oil & Gas. Thus, I combined oil and gas sphere and trans-logistics in order to find clients.

Today, a lot of companies “Made in Russia” are represented here. Many of them are not even familiar to me from Russian exhibitions. Such an abundance, of course, was a pleasant surprise.

I really liked the organization of the exhibition. I found a lot of useful  information available on the stands. I was greeted and registered by friendly staff. I hope that my participation today will be useful for promoting our business in the future.

I believe that such exhibitions have  positive effect on the development in this area, especially after the pandemic. During the pandemic, contacts with many contractors were lost, and it is the revival of the project that allows us to get closer to our colleagues and partners, to find common ground.