Extensive capabilities of biometric verification

Extensive capabilities of biometric verification

19 october 2023 0000

Fuad Binaktali, Executive Director, ZKTесо Azerbaijan

Our company specializes in the production of hardware and software platforms in the field of access control and video surveillance systems, primarily biometric systems.

ZKTeco's core dimensions include the expansion of biometric verification capabilities, smart access control software “Person + Car + Object”, and the ZKTeco+ Smart Office cloud platform.

Besides, today we are showcasing various equipment as part of the exhibition; for instance, the high-speed access gate with LED indicator and folding boom fabricated by our company is equipped with a servo motor, has a reliable transmission design, and is provided with a high-temperature resistant control panel. We also make turnpike, access control devices, smart locks with fingerprint scanning / face recognition feature, video doorphones etc.

We expect to meet new partners and customers during Road&Traffic event; all sorts of companies have come here, and we would much like to establish links with them. Our company is always open for cooperation with new business partners, distributors among them. We offer beneficial collaboration terms and certified products of superior quality and broad slate.