Everything to protect drivers, pedestrians and vehicles

Everything to protect drivers, pedestrians and vehicles

1 june 2022 0000

Aybek Halil, Regional Business Development Manager, Çepaş Gonvarri Group

Our company is engaged in the production of road barriers, structures and fastenings for solar power plants, power transmission line and GSM towers, lighting poles and masts, as well as steel structures.

Today, here at the Road Construction Show, we are presenting our products designed to reduce the impact of accidents and protect drivers, pedestrians and vehicles.

Mass produced ÇEPAŞ road barriers have been crash-tested in accordance with the internationally recognized standards EN 1317 and received CE certificates.

At the moment, road construction is rapidly developing on the liberated territories of Karabakh, and restoration work is underway. We want to contribute to ensuring the safety of the Karabakh roads. To do this, it is necessary to provide a whole range of facilities: high-quality road fencing, lighting masts and road signs.

We are expecting new partners and clients from the Road&Traffic exhibition, primarily among construction companies. There are road construction companies here, and we would like to establish contacts with them very much.