Are you looking for paints and polymer materials? We have the best offers!

Are you looking for paints and polymer materials? We have the best offers!

12 June 2018 0000

Ekaterina Ushakova, Specialist at Yaroslavl Region Export Centre

- Organisations from Yaroslavl region, represented on our joint stand, offer a number of interesting innovations at the Road & Traffic 2018 exhibition. So, the range of products offered by the paint and varnish company “Romanovskie krasi” includes innovative solutions used in the areas of anticorrosive processing of special-purpose equipment such as aircraft, ships, trains. There are unique paints designed for surfaces that come into contact with hydrochloric acid, or for painting rusty surfaces, preventing further spread of corrosion. Special solutions are designed for use in the oil-producing and oil refining industry. Paints do not change their properties for 10-15 years without reapplication.

Another participant at our stand is the Russian leader in the production of road safety equipment, Protect. They present the latest polymer materials at the exhibition, which are used in various fields. Geosynthetic grid for gravel is designed for reinforcing roads in road construction; in the field of road safety – its about cones, ribbons, fencing nets, lanterns, fences, etc, while in the field of landscape design – its about the strengthening of slopes with geogrids, anti-detachable mats, parking nets, including strengthening of shores in the construction of reservoirs, etc.

Participation in the exhibition will help us better understand the needs of the local market and expand the supply of quality products from Yaroslavl region to Azerbaijan.