Road & Traffic - The largest range of surface coatings

The largest range of surface coatings



Raimondas Petrenas, Business Development in CIS countries, Basler Lacke

- Our company is a global leader in the production of paints and surface coatings for roads, parking lots, bicycle paths, etc., manufactured in Switzerland. We work for safety and traffic improvement. Almost ninety-year history of our company testifies to the fact that our products have proved the value both in the West and Europe.

We have the largest range of surface coatings ever offered by the world brands. However, Azerbaijan is a new market for us. We are debuting at this “Road&Traffic” exhibition and we hope to find partners and distributors to jointly develop our business. Today at our stand you can see samples of colours, only a small part of the products that we can offer. I should note our positive impression since the very start of the exhibition; everything looks very optimistic and lively. This is a good start which means that we will have new opportunities in Azerbaijan. We expect that our products will fit well into the existing infrastructure. And on our part, we guarantee stability and quality offered by our brand.