Road & Traffic - Photo-video fixing systems for traffic violations

Photo-video fixing systems for traffic violations



Anna Kucheryavaya, Marketing Specialist at Olvia LLC (Russia):

- We are from St. Petersburg and this is our first participation at the Road&Traffic exhibition in Baku. Our company has been on the market since 1993. Our company's main brand products are photo-video fixing systems for traffic violations. Over the course of twenty-four years, we have carefully designed and manufactured systems that combine both video capturing and a speed meter which provide more accurate information if compared to conventional cameras.

Today our products are widely known in many regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and African countries. Being confident in the quality of our products and interested in your market, we have brought to Azerbaijan modern systems designed to maintain order on your beautiful roads. Two of these systems are being showcased at our stand; these are multi-purpose systems of photo and video recording of traffic violations “Scat” and “Oracle” which are designed on the basis of modern automatic speedometer.

We came here with great expectations and look forward to further meetings!