Road & Traffic - Azerbaijan’s car import declined 4.7-fold in 2016

Azerbaijan’s car import declined 4.7-fold in 2016



The State Customs Committee reports that in 2016 the car import decreased by 4.66 times. In 2015 the index fell 2.4-fold and in 2014 by 39.3%, while in 2013 import grew by 3.09% and exceeded 104,000 cars for the first time.

The SCC informs that in 2016 the country imported 5,746 vehicles, including 4,991 automobiles, 571 trucks, 96 buses and 88 special-purpose vehicles. In December the import amounted to 926 vehicles, including 797 automobiles. For 2015 it was imported, for comparison, 26,785 vehicles, including 23,765 automobiles.

Data on the cost of car import has not been brought for the last few years. However, over 2016 the total import of vehicles and spare parts amounted to $813.9 million that was 33.13% less than import for 2015 ($1.217 bn). The share of motor equipment import for Jan-Nov made up 9.54% of total import versus 13.2% in 2015, 9.16% for 2014 and 13.4% for 2013.

In 2015 the country imported 26,785 vehicles (the car import peak at 4090 vehicles was registered in January), including 23,765 (3,870 in January) light cars, 1,961 trucks, 816 buses and 243 special-purpose vehicles. Last year’s total import of vehicles and spare parts amounted to $1.127 bn that was 1.45-fold higher than import for 2014 ($841.898 million).

In 2013 (import record) the country imported 104,385 cars, including 94,879 motor cars, 7,823 trucks, 827 buses and 856 special-purpose vehicles. At that, motor vehicle import for December totaled 10,699 cars (the best monthly index for 2013).Import of light vehicles reached 9,705 in December that was also the best monthly index for 2013. In 2013 the total import of vehicles and their spare parts made $1.435 bn, which was by 1.54% higher than imports in 2012 ($1.414 bn) and made up 13.4% of overall import.