Road & Traffic - We are ready for cooperation with local companies!

We are ready for cooperation with local companies!



Manon Justal, Marketing & Business Development for Immergis

- We consider this exhibition to be an important event in the region. Participating in this event and being an important player in the market, we expect not only new business relations, but also a broad awareness of the growth of our company. To elaborate on this, international company IMMERGIS is engaged in the support of road infrastructure, as well as advanced training of managers working in this field. We offer a linear infrastructure, collection and study of road network management information, analysis of the vertical and horizontal signs, and so forth. In addition, IMMERGIS presents the concept of a GIS database, a GIS web platform, and so on.

Our products are widely available in Europe. Unfortunately, we do not yet have partners in Azerbaijan. However, we are actively searching for them. We are ready for cooperation with local companies. It is no secret that the Azerbaijan market is a very important segment in the region. Implementation of new technologies in the field of road infrastructure development projects are leading to market growth which in turn makes it a focus point.