Road & Traffic - Azerbaijan has endorsed new state standards for buses and taxis

Azerbaijan has endorsed new state standards for buses and taxis



The State Committee on Standardization, Metrology & Patents of Azerbaijan has approved the new national standard on public transport.

The Committee reports that new standard AZS 425-2015 "Passenger Station Facilities & Cars" has been already submitted for inclusion in the State Register of Regulatory Legal Acts.

New standard AZS 425-2015 covers passenger station facilities, bus stops, taxi parking and sets out the main requirements to information design of distinguishing marks, signs, schedules, map routes, fares, signage and other informational design.

The standard is mandatory for legal entities and private entrepreneurs engaged in the transportation by motor transport, on the basis of the license received in accordance with the Azerbaijani legislation.

According to standard, taxis can be operated only in cars not older than 15 years. Buses should be fitted with an information plate indicating the name, surname and patronymic of the driver, location of first aid kits, city route scheme. The taxi car should also be installed an information board indicating not only the name of the driver, but also the carrier (individual or legal entity), their address and phone. All taxi cars must be fitted with taximeter, although GPS is not mandatory currently.