Road & Traffic - A number of new products from Azer-Turk Yolbinatikinti

A number of new products from Azer-Turk Yolbinatikinti



Ibrahim Uzunoghlu, Vice-President of Azer-Turk Yolbinatikinti LLC

- Our company was founded in Azerbaijan in 2008 and is engaged in the manufacturing and technical service of road signs, technical means for traffic management and security tools for roads and tunnels. All production takes place in Turkey and employs a new technological basis, using advanced materials and technologies.

The products presented at the exhibition are made of metal, plastic, regular and reflective film and other materials. These include: a new generation of traffic lights, road signs and solar-powered LED-panels, traffic signs, pedestrian crossings with light indicators, elements of improvement on the roads (bus stops, speed bumps and waste bins), parking barriers (safety cones, water filled separation barriers, warning posts, signaling lights and more) and special facilities for pedestrians with vision and hearing problems.

We are participating in the Road & Traffic Exhibition for the third time now and in contrast to previous exhibitions, we are offering visitors the opportunity to become acquainted with a whole range of new versions of the above-mentioned products.